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5 Reasons to Visit the Neverland of the North

5 Reasons to Visit the Neverland of the North

Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Door County | Wisconsin

It’s no secret to anyone that I love Door County, Wisconsin. Even as I continue to explore new places around the world, it remains at the top of my favorite destinations list.

Of course, every place means something a little different to everyone for various reasons. Door County will always have a special place in my heart because it holds some of my most valued memories and experiences throughout my life… but that’s only half of it. Door County, Wisconsin, is one of the most breathtaking, enchanting, youthful, and welcoming places you will ever visit in all of the Midwest.

Whether you’re up for a day trip, weekend or week-long getaway, these are my top 5 reasons to explore Door County:

1. The Sunsets

Door County sunsets are the only way to cap off a day of adventuring. They are always changing and always captivating. 


2. The People

Since Door County is a seasonal hub, it attracts people from all around the world (literally), to trade 3-4 months of their time working, living, and experiencing all it has to offer. From your waitstaff to your kayak tour guide, everyone has a story and you’re bound to meet someone who might just surprise and inspire you.

3. The Natural Beauty

Peninsula State Park, Cave Point County Park and everything in between. Door County offers some of the most incredible camping, hiking, biking, swimming, beaching, kayaking, etc., in the Midwest. If you’re in a rut about what your next activity should be, just step outside.

4. The Eats (and drinks!)

  • Eats: The options are endless, so I’ll leave you with my top 5 and you can go from there… ;)

    1. The Cookery - Fish Creek (breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine bar - what more do you need?!)

    2. Wild Tomato Pizza - Fish Creek and Sister Bay (every vacation needs a good pizza night!)

    3. Czarnuszka Soup Bar - Ephraim (your perception of soup will forever be changed)

    4. AC Tap - Bailey’s Harbor (great bar food and a kitchen that's open late - the AC Tap is a DoCo staple!)

    5. Wickman House - Ellison Bay (this is a bit of a drive depending on where you’re staying on the Peninsula, but it is more than worth it. Trust me.)

  • Wine: Ah, the wineries. You can’t miss them as they line your drive up the Peninsula, but if I had to choose one and only one to help you narrow the decision, it would be Harbor Ridge Winery in Egg Harbor. The wine, the atmosphere, the staff - you’ll enjoy every bit of it!

  • Brews: No worries if wine isn’t your thing - the Door County Brewing Co., in Bailey’s Harbor is just what you’re looking for. Have a flight, listen to live music, and bask in the laid back atmosphere.

  • Coffee: If you’re in need of a cafe with wifi, check out the Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek. but if you’re looking for a local cafe with the best vanilla latte in all of Door County, go to Leroy’s Water Street Coffee in Ephraim and never look back.

5. The Atmosphere

I could go on and on about the places you should visit and the things you should see, but in all honesty, Door County is magical no matter what activities you choose to do while there. You might even hear a few locals call it, “The Neverland of the North," as it holds a certain vibe, a youthful spirit that you can’t ignore. It’s magic is contagious… just see for yourself. :)

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Photography: Glory Aulik

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