A space to breathe, to seek, to explore.

A Heart of Balance

A Heart of Balance

“Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I’m learning to live between effort and surrender.” - Danielle Orner

In an exploration of living a life full of awareness, balance is at the core.

Balance in all things. Balance in a world of overwhelm.

There is a space deep within where all is at ease. Where there is no pull of over consumption nor utter resistance. A space where your intuition lives and thrives and speaks so clearly of the perfect balance for your unique being.

Balance looks different to you and to me.

Our hearts speak a sacred language; Calling us near to hear the directions cut out specifically for each one of us.

With a world of overwhelm surrounding us, balance may seem difficult to understand, allow, learn and live. But it is within the exploration of enlisting the ethics of your unique balance that we meet the process that undoubtedly shapes us.

My journey has led me to the path of finding balance, not only in this space, but all spaces where we coexist. Finding balance in a world of constant overstimulation and endless choices.

To call deep within myself, awakening the light that lives in the present, in the truth that is. The light that draws me closer and closer to balance, to ease, to be.

And now, I find myself joyful in the teeter totter of seeking balance from within, in all things, ecstatic about the possibilities and pure bliss it will bring.

In love and light,

Glory :)

In the Change of Scenery

In the Change of Scenery

Video Journals: Chiang Mai + Krabi, Thailand!

Video Journals: Chiang Mai + Krabi, Thailand!