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Facebook, Instagram and I: We're in a Weird Phase

Facebook, Instagram and I: We're in a Weird Phase

I’ve started this journey with the intent of being truthful all the way through and I’ve promised myself that no matter what, my feelings and beliefs on the inside must reflect what I allow the world to see on the outside. There is a deep need inside of me to ensure that I am living at the highest level of integrity for myself, for the divine and for you. I can’t simply talk the talk, I have to walk the walk.


After taking a short break away from Instagram and now coming back, I’ve realized that this space holds more negativity than positivity for me, and I’ve decided to no longer participate on Facebook and Instagram for an indefinite amount of time.  

Joy is our biggest roadmap in life and the moment you no longer find joy in something, is the moment you move on. At this point in my life, I no longer find joy on these platforms.

Mind you, I do not believe that social media or technology is bad. I do, however, believe that there is a lack of education regarding the negative aspects of the digital world on your overall wellbeing. Including a lack of information on how to use this tool in a way that is conducive to a positive headspace instead of a long list of psychologically damaging behaviors, especially in young minds.

I, am setting out to change that. Balance is key as technology increases, and education is at the heart of it.

Please note, I do not in any way expect you to leave social media nor do I want to make you feel like you can’t talk to me about it! To be honest, I would love to talk about it whether you struggle with any aspect of the digital world or not. It’ll be a good start to research. ;)

And as a reminder, this is my journey. The biggest truth that the Universe has ever granted me is to not only listen to my wisdom, but have the courage to follow its path. This is simply my truth, my wisdom, my unique path and I have to follow it with a courageous heart no matter how terrifying it may be. And you, my friends, are on your own beautifully unique path. :)

#TheGloryDaze is a constant reminder to live a life of courage, jump into the unknown, and embrace every moment along the way… these words have never been more true for me.

I am running alongside you in this journey of life, and more than ever, I am here to speak words of love and light into you, as you are to me.

This is just the beginning of #TheGloryDaze and I am so excited and humbled that this crazy, beautiful journey is mine and it just keeps getting better.

Life chats (especially over coffee!) are always welcome: theglorydaze.co/contact

As always, cheers to the adventure! :)


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