A space to breathe, to seek, to explore.

Finding Freedom In The Journey

Finding Freedom In The Journey

It’s different this time… In a way that’s better than I could have ever imagined.

This space is lined with joy, flowing freely from all.

I am no longer pushing, no longer pulling, no longer trying to control the journey.

I am no longer alone in my exploration.

My pride of independence has escaped me. The harsh, coarse edges of my heart have softened.

I’ve allowed help, company, companionship, love, divinity.

There is now freedom where there never once was. Freedom to choose, to move, to be still. Freedom to listen to my heart, my body, my soul. Freedom to make decisions from divine intuition instead of fear or what others may think.

You’ve held my heart gently, sweetly through my fight.

And now, you hold me closer and sweeter in my surrender.

How can it be? The goodness you’ve given me…

My mind can’t comprehend an answer, but my heart whispers with the deepest love and compassion, “because you are worthy”.

As you flow through my being, seeing me fully, I accept your goodness into my life.

I allow this space to shape me - to continuously soften the rough edges so that love and light are all that escapes my being.

And through it all, I hear your whisper, “you are worthy… you are worthy”.

In love and light,

Glory :)

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As Challenges Arise

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